Lyngby Hostel is surrounded by Jægersborg Hegn in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Deer Park and is situated in the historic Raadvad, known to all Danes for its beautiful knife works. Lyngby Hostel is located in a listed building from 1917. The building was originally built as a school for the children of the factory workers at the local Raadvad Knife Factory. Today the building appears with respect for its history and as a homely and informal hostel where people meet to share experiences, good food and the love for travelling. Being situated with a driving distance of only 15 minutes from the inner Copenhagen, Lyngby Hostel is not only famous for its idyllic location and its closeness to nature; the hostel is also ideal for children and adults who want to experience the cultural life of Copenhagen, the shopping possibilities and the entertainment.


Lyngby Hostel welcomes families, school excursions and big groups. Furthermore, our premises are also available for seminars, meetings and private celebrations. We are a member of the Danhostel chain, a Danish organisation consisting of 95 hostels in Denmark. Danhostel works for the maintenance and the development of the Danish hostels and aims in particular towards spreading the knowledge about their many offers.

THE TRADITION OF THE HOSTEL The northern European tradition of the hostel originates from outdoor enthusiasts in Germany. Since the first Danish youth hostel opened in 1930, travellers in Denmark have had the possibility of finding inexpensive accommodation without compromising on the location. No matter where you are in Denmark, you will never be more than 35 km from the nearest hostel and a freshly made bed, a great meal and a hospitable landlord and landlady who will inspire you to visit the most exciting places in their local area.

The height of the season of the modern Danish hostel lasts from 1 July until the end of October. However the rest of the year is full of activities as well. Seminars, private celebrations and meetings can take place in the cosy and informal atmosphere at the hostel and accommodation, roomy premises and the dining facilities make the arrangement easy to manage.